IT Staffing

IT Staffing

Our strong network helps us to tap the brightest minds from India, the much sought-after IT talent pool preferred globally. Our skills are married to our role as the best enablers, our knowledge of the middle east is as good as our network in India. Needless to say, this convergence pitches us as your best bet.

Why IT Staffing from Mint

Experienced Recruitment Team

Partnered with a specialist IT Recruitment Company in Chennai with a decade of experience in providing quality candidates for companies including Sutherland, Infosys, CTS, to name a few

Flexible Engagement Options

Due to Mint’s local presence, arranging for short term visas or providing people on contract (on Mint’s payroll) becomes possible and hence reduces considerable cost & effort overhead for the client-GBM. Other options like offshore/off-site can also be considered.

Local UAE Presence

A local presence in Dubai with a formally registered company, gives more credibility for us and can also work more closely than working with India-based off-shore consultants.

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it staffing

Benefits of IT Staff Augmentation Services

Considerable Cost Efficiencies

When it comes to hiring IT resources, you don’t have to worry about infrastructure costs and issues if Mint is your partner. Screening, evaluation and identifying quality resources is under our cost. You only need to select the best among the shortlisted candidates.

Low recruitment risk

On an average, finding a good IT resource requires four to six weeks, with no guarantee of successful onboarding & performance. Mint will handle this risk on your behalf and make your life easy to get the right people for the right job without the risk of no-show and poor output.

Easy Onboarding

Administrative process of onboarding, formalities to get people inducted and associated pains are removed from your side as Mint will handle all these things. You only need to give the required KT and assign tasks to complete.

Effective Supervision

Mint will ensure that the resources overcome technical challenges and critical bottlenecks to ensure the deliverables can meet the planned deadlines and gives you full control over the project. We help our resources both technically and professionally to de-hassle difficulties.

Our Staffing Stack