IT Services

IT Services

Our services straddle requirements of Small and Medium Businesses to Large Enterprises through offerings that drive resource deficits away, forever. We swing things for our clients with passion and dedication as we remain firmly focused on our offerings.

Our offerings are spread across four key IT and support requirements. Domain expertise, and rising demand for quality solutions have helped us to focus sharply on the big four – Web, Mobile, UI & UX and Websites. The future will continue to be dominated by demand for solutions in these four segments and we plan to ride on our strengths to establish our presence as a preferred provider of quality IT solutions and services.

Application Development

Be it mobile or desktop, open-source or proprietary, cloud or on-premises, we can be your right application partner. We have built applications on the popular platforms from below.

How we do


A series of quality discussions with the stakeholders including Business, IT and Users of the application to understand and document their requirements, the origin of the requirements, experienced pains, and expected results. This phase captures essentially the User Journey of the process/functionality we are going to develop. Fundamental principle – do not ask what they want; but observe what they need.


The first step in this service is to establish a charter, which defines the scope and responsibilities for this service. This is followed by developing Wireframes and Mockups to get the actual look of the application – the UI & UX – and design the architecture in accordance with the planned look & feel. The main philosophy we follow is to “Build what is necessary” as we believe “Just because a software has many features, doesn’t mean that it’s useful”. The extra options could interfere with the workflow.


Develop with the user in mind! Provide a great User Experience. When developing an application, the User requirements are the priority – neither technology nor developers’ preferences. Hence, we focus on building applications that gives importance to security, performance, scalability and growth.

Our Technology Stack

Managed Services

Use our Managed IT services and focus on what you are doing best. Free your resources, shed inventory and recurring costs by relying on our bespoke Managed IT solutions. Improve your ROI and reduce your exposure to capital expenditure, let our expertise lend wings to your vision. We partner organizations in their journey with scalable solutions at low TCO.

With Mint, you can be sure that everything is under full control wherever and whenever you need it. By applying the best support practices, our tech expertise on-demand, and vast experience, we ensure meeting demanding expectations! With Mint’s managed services, you will be in the right position to detect and identify problems before your end-clients do.

Benefits of Managed Services

Cost Control

With the cost of support fixed thru a contractual agreement, it helps in effectively predicting costs every month when budgeting. Depending on the future requirements and the speed of your organization’s IT maturity, the managed service can scale to address typical cost components of an IT department, including training, equipment and personnel.

Risk Management

As we are engaged with multiple client providing managed services, we have an experience that can be fully utilized to minimize risk in your organization by bringing in best practices and our own proprietary methodologies of support.

Efficiency & Productivity

Clients experience better performance with minimal downtime when using a managed service. Many times, critical and complex applications involve multiple technologies and require them to be fully operational and integrated to achieve the IT service expected. All expertise related to the different components must be available together for the IT service to function seamlessly for internal end-users. A managed service partner can ensure maximum uptime and minimal service interruptions.


Our team are cross-skilled and are always subjected to up-skill their capabilities thru periodic training exercises. Moreover, as we provide managed services to different companies, we are aware of the future trends in IT and can be up to speed very quickly in case of such needs in your organization. By having more predictability, your business will reduce operational risk and challenges and minimize service disruption.

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School Management

A cloud-based ERP solution for schools that include Admissions, Fee, HR, Inventory, Accounting & Student Management as core modules

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SME Buz. Suite

A business suite for SME, on cloud, that includes Sales, Accounting, HR & Inventory Modules

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EHS Management

Environment Health & Safety Management solution that combines the very best industry practices with functionalities tweaked to meet specific business needs

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Water Delivery

Internal or "organic" sources without turnkey growth strategies. Seamlessly promote client-centered



Our passion to offer the best solutions to clientele has spurred us to enter fulfilling associations with reputed names and developers of Enterprise Apps. Our choice of these flagship digital products stems from the excellent performance parameters of the apps that interface and integrate with complex IT landscape of organisations. Here are outlines of the mission critical, scalable and component based enterprise apps we are proud to present on behalf of our partners.